Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dairy-, Soy-, Egg-, Nut-, & Wheat-Free Vegetarian Meals

For love of a boy, I gave up ice cream and tofu.

All dairy and soy, actually.

Also, nuts.

And eggs.

And wheat.


I was kind of terrified of wasting away as a result, but faced with the possibility that my favorite foods were hurting my tiny companion, what other choice could I make? I mean, look at this kid.

See? You just spontaneously gave up chocolate and adopted a special needs cat, didn't you?
I needn't have worried, though.

I looked online for dairy-free and soy-free meal ideas, but they weren't vegetarian, much less "no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no nuts, no eggs, no meat." So here's some of what I've been eating this month. It's overwhelmingly stuff we eat regularly anyways, which is why many of the photos have bread and cheese- they're our standard recipes, tweaked a bit.

In baking, we made some substitutions:
  • wheat flour with spelt flour (sticking to recipes where a lot of rising wasn't required, since spelt doesn't make the nice gluten-y air pockets that wheat will)
  • butter with oil (or occasionally applesauce)
  • eggs with moistened ground flax seed
  • just plain omitted cheeses and nuts
For snacks there's been a lot of fruit, salads (check the commercial salad dressings for soy and eggs), hummus with fresh vegetables (watch for soybean oil in the hummus), and frozen French fries (lookout for wheat products and soybean oil).

For breakfast, a handful of commercial cereals meet the requirements- e.g. Kix, store-brand Crispix- and are just fine with cold rice milk. Oatmeal with raisins, dried apples, flax seed, and maple syrup works too.

I'm on week three of the allergen-free diet (unless you're sensitive to legumes, in which case, god help you). I couldn't do it forever (without a major major pity party and lots of sighing), but it's been easier so far than I'd've thought. There's been a lot of rice and quinoa, beans and lentils, and an emphasis on vegetables moreso even than usual. I had planned to pick up wheat again next week and look for changes in Apple; then add eggs in and wait, etc., leaving dairy for last. Wheat would allow pasta and bread, opening up more dinner choices, but I am craving eggs and since they offer more nutrition than the white flour I'd mostly consume instead, I'll add eggs first, today in fact.

I am torn about hoping Apple's rash is a food sensitivity; if it is, it can be avoided eating whatever's responsible, and the problem is solved. If it's not, though, maybe it's just a one-time deal and will clear up and stay gone spontaneously- without me (insert selfish whining noises here) having to give up Joe's homemade ice cream or soy sauce or scrambled eggs or fresh bread or...

Bad mommy.

Anyways, if you're also going on a crash anti-food-allergen vegetarian diet, here's a starting point. Click for recipes, making the above substitutions as necessary; and ignore all the enticing bread in the backgrounds, it's too hot for much baking anyways.

Lentil Portabello Stew (vegan) w/ Bread Microwave Risotto w/ Broccoli (vegan) Hot Chard Salad (vegan) Lentil Curry  (vegan) Vegetarian Taco Salad Spanish Stew (vegan) Split Pea Vegetable Soup (vegan) Potato Wedges [vegan], Mushroom Sandwich Kale on Polenta (vegan), wheat germ muffins Dal w/ Naan, white rice [vegan] Spinach Lentil Soup (vegan) Brussels Sprouts (vegan) Spanish Rice (vegan), baby bok choi (vegan) Chili (vegan) with English Bread (vegan) Hot Chard Salad (vegan) Potato Leek Soup (vegan), Bread Collard Greens Soup (vegan) Falafel lemon lentil and rice soup (vegan), bread, potatoes Coconut Curry (vegan) Rice n Beans (vegan) Ice Cream w/ Fudge Cake Topping- vegan, soy-free, wheat-free, nut-free Kale Chips soy-dairy-wheat-egg-nut free cookies Curry Cauliflower Potato Soup (vegan) Quinoa Potato Salad Avocado Saladita (easily made vegan)